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  • By Mary Ellen Steria
  • 23 Dec, 2016

It might not be wedding season, but it is winter season and if you are like me and have replaced your carpeting with concrete, wood, or tile if may have left you with colder floors and feet.  If my feet are cold, game over.  Solution? Try the under the desk foot warmer.  Amazon sells them for around $35.00 and it is perfect way to keep warm and save money.  Your feet with thank you.  Now sit up straight.

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By Mary Ellen Steria 11 Mar, 2017
Cleaning your carpets regularly is not optional if you want to maintain the beautiful look you had when they were first installed. Over time, dirt becomes embedded in your carpet and begins to wear against the fabric, eventually resulting in damage. This is true even if you vacuum daily. No matter how good your vacuum cleaner, you simply cannot remove all of the embedded dirt.

Furthermore, your vacuum may not do anything against dust mites, pet dander and other types of infestations in your carpets. This can lead to allergic reactions in sensitive family members. Finally, if you accidentally spill something on your carpet, your vacuum cleaner will not remove the stain or spot, and trying to clean it yourself may actually make matters worse.

By Mary Ellen Steria 15 Feb, 2017
Area rugs can take a lot of abuse, especially now with so many people removing wall to wall carpet for tile and hardwood floors.  But this may increase wear and tear on the area rugs that can capture a lot of the dirt off our feet and shoes.  

A little attention to your area rugs will keep them looking fresh in between your professional carpet cleans.  Spills happen.  Make sure you blot, and not rub.  Get a clean cotton cloth and dampen.  Saturate spot and press several times until spot lightens.  Repeat until you can get the best results before hiring a professional rug cleaner.  Also,vacuum regularly to remove dirt and dust.  To keep the rug's wear and tear even, rotate the rug at least once a year for even wear.  Finally hire a professional rug cleaner at least once a year to remove deep down dirt and grime.  A little attention goes a long way to keeping your area rugs looking their best.
By Mary Ellen Steria 18 Jan, 2017
There’s nothing more inviting than the smell of delicious cookies, cakes or other tasty foods being prepared in the kitchen. Your nose can’t help but lead you to the source.
There are other smells in many homes that are inviting as well… those nice fragrances from scented candles. There are hundreds of scents available, from favorites such as vanilla, citrus, lavender, and more. Some scents smell just like cookies or cakes in the oven. Of course, you don’t get the benefit of eating them!
Yet, as inviting as those scents may be, there are some concerns you should consider as you burn them.
Pollution issues
It’s been noted by various environmental groups and indoor air quality specialists that burning candles can produce pollutants such as acetone, toluene, benzene and others. It’s what is found in soot, considered a hazard all on its own.
More and more people — perhaps just like yourself — love the smell of these scented candles. Yet are they putting off smoke, even invisible smoke, that can be leaving an unhealthy residue in your home? It could be. Remember, soot is the product of material that didn’t totally go through the combustion process of burning. If the flame of your candle isn’t totally blue, no doubt there is soot being produced.
What can you do?
Choose your scents wisely. Opt for natural wax materials, such as beeswax or soy candles, both of which are better choices than wax made from petroleum products. Natural materials may cost more, but is a better, safer and healthier choice.
Make sure your wick is burning adequately. The wick should burn evening with the melting wax, and curl as it burns. Ensuring the wick is less than ½ inch long when you light it will help.
Keep your candles burning where there is limited or no draft. Air movement can cause the flame to burn erratically possibly create more soot or pollution.
Don’t burn your candles all the time. Make it a treat. Burn them when you are in the mood for a nice scent in the home.
And when you do have issues with your candles, such as a residue on surfaces in your home, call your restoration pro. They can help determine if your candle burning habits are safe!
By Mary Ellen Steria 12 Jan, 2017

Tile is a beautiful way to improve the look of your home, but it can also be difficult to clean properly. Good tile and grout cleaning requires hours of intense labor for the average homeowner, and sealing the tile, stone or hard surface is a separate chore that can cause problems for those who do not know how to do it properly. It is important to trust a professional when it comes to tile and grout cleaning in Escondido, and Showcase is ready to help!

Cleaning Tile and Grout Properly

If you have tile and grout in your home, you probably already know that effective cleaning is not as simple as spraying on a cleaning solution and wiping away. Depending on the type of tile you have and how it is grouted, you may need special cleaning methods to get beautiful results.

Essentially, tile is a block of some type of material sitting in a bed of grout. Your tile may be glazed or natural ceramic, or you may have stone or some other material as your “tile,” but whatever you have it is embedded in some type of material that holds it in place. Over time, this grout can become dirty and even infested with mold or mildew, making your tile look dull and dirty even if it is “clean.”

This means that cleaning tile is really a two-step process: cleaning the tile material properly and cleaning the grout. These two processes may use the same techniques and chemicals or they may be completely different, depending on the material you have.

Sealing: An Important Step

An important and often overlooked step in cleaning your tile is sealing the grout after cleaning. By sealing the grout, you lock out moisture that can result in mold or mildew. You also prolong the life of the grout and help it to hold your tile in place more effectively.

However, sealing grout can be difficult, particularly if the tile is placed close together. If you are not sure how to seal your grout, trust a professional to do this important job for you. You can ruin your tile with improper cleaning and sealing methods.

At Showcase, we offer hard surface cleaning that includes deep cleaning of porous tile and grout; spot and stain removal from showers, floors and countertops; and special cleaning for Travertine, marble, granite, slate, flagstone and Saltillo tile. We offer custom spot cleaning and faster drying times than other companies, with a guarantee that we will remove deep-down, embedded dirt for a beautiful look. Call us today for more information!

By Mary Ellen Steria 23 Dec, 2016

It might not be wedding season, but it is winter season and if you are like me and have replaced your carpeting with concrete, wood, or tile if may have left you with colder floors and feet.  If my feet are cold, game over.  Solution? Try the under the desk foot warmer.  Amazon sells them for around $35.00 and it is perfect way to keep warm and save money.  Your feet with thank you.  Now sit up straight.

By Mary Ellen Steria 13 Dec, 2016
Poinsettias and pets are good companions after all!

Did you know the information that poinsettias are poisonous is unfounded ?  In fact, it's a tale that started in Hawaii and made its way to the US and no evidence has shown that their leaves or any part of the plant are poisonous.  A study done  at Ohio State University on rats which consumed a large amount of the plants' parts concluded that the rats were not ill from eating the holiday plant.

So go ahead, decorate and have peace of mind...Ms. Kitty will be okay as long as she stays away from the mistletoe. Not all holiday decor is edible.
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